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this is how we’re going to make lip gloss some old vitamin C now me may not have heard of that which is that because I can go down to my health food store I can pick up the bottom and see and take it well let’s understand what that really is one when you get that manufacturer call it and make sure and ask them where they’re getting their vitamin C or what food is being used and if.

they don’t know what food source is coming from very good chance that is a synthetic vitamin C but also when you take it from the food grade they’re losing you know that’s only one ninth of the original vitamin C in the first place from you know from how vitamin C is attracted you know in food so even though a sorbic-acid that’s what it is is still very colorful from that point but when you’remaking little simple vitamin C I would actually say go get the by the natural vitamin C especially from a cherry which is down in Brazil if you go to my web site there go under.

look those somos vitamin C and I go mercury detox through what that cherry is and that has the highest retaining natural value of vitamin C that’s in even in a food source but what we’re doing is what they found in this is that when you take lecithin no lecithin it’s very important because %of our brains are made out of lecithin your myelin nerve sheet that protect your nervous system is made out of less of them when you.

look at yourself and you’ve got that cell wall that’s made out of lecithin that’s made out of fat now what’s interesting about this about-lecithin it has two polar regions now what that meant is that one side of the polar region is attracted to water so it binds water the other side of this polar region binds to fat because you know when you put water and fat together don’t they separated well.

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Game maybe the other team:suck don’t take away from Jordan just because that brother could ball so maybe:I just ball real hard and the only way to really know is try it for yourself I’m a very experiential guy I need to:try these things out this video seems:probably out there to someone that has a lot of gout attacks the only way you can:know is try right so you can order this:stuff online it’s liposomal vitamin c and let’s say you don’t have time to wait for liposomal vitamin C to come from the Los Angeles Clinic in LA you can also buy this online I mean I got this stuff from Amazon Amazon Prime the overnight it to you.

This is also a is liposomal vitamin C this is  was Liposomal Vit C milligram doses was milligram doses for all I know, we get the job done – so you can order this stuff it’ll show up at your house the next day liposomal vitamin C I’ll put the link below the link is in the comments as well as probably does the same exact thing or let’s say you just get laying around the house vitamin C pills vitamin C powder they’re milligrams per teaspoon and then vitamin C capsules here I know everything reverse you can’t read any of this so you’ll figure it out milligrams per capsule so when you’re doing capsules by the way if you’re gonna do high doses.

You don’t want to just be you know taking ten capsules put them in your put them in a glass of water and swallow it you’ll be it’s cut they call it a bowl you reach your bowel limit that means you have poop you have a massive poop from all the vitamin C capsules opening at once in your stomach so if you’re gonna do capsule like this by the way you want to open them up one at a time right because they just unscrew these little puppies you open them up you put: them into your jar of water right not probable.

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The coronoid notch we Charlotte Dentistry start our clock by identifying this Crone ID notch by means the thumb the height of the injection coincides with the midpoint of thefingernailyouthe patient is asked to open her mouth wider open the current live March of the anterior ramus of the mandible is palpated as noted earlier at the height of the injection coincides with the height of the fingernail tip the next step is to identify soft tissue roll in the oral cavity called a terrible-mandibular Rafi.

And denoted by the red arrows the identification of this roof is critical for the success of this blog procedure just lateral to the terrible mandibular rami there is a depression call the turbo mandibular depression right now the cap needle is inserted into this terrible mandibular depression so that you can identify it clearly the exact entry point is the intersection between the line we drew first from the height of the nail tip and the turbo mandibular depression right now the needle tip is in the exact-entry point here is a live bug demonstration the index will be on dominant hand is rested in to.

The coronoid notch of anterior ramus of the mandible the needle comes from the contralateral side from the corner of the mouth and it is inserted into the terrible mandibular depression and advanced for to millimetres until bone is contacted one spoon is contacted the needle is withdrawn slightly then injection of two-thirds to one cartridge of local anaesthetic is reformed after negative-aspiration then the needle is withdrawn hello today we’re going to be talking about basic vocabulary that we use to describe dental Anatomy that way next time when we talk about individual teeth we know what words or terms to use describe the teeth and so today we’re going to go over very quickly tooth numbering and surfaces now we’re going to divide teeth into thirds and with-those thirds we’re going to be able to describe contact points and braziers and heights of contours so I don’t want to dwell on tooth numbing services too much because this was covered in soil physiology but.

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Breast treatment hair a pinko cost of breast augmentation Pisgah in kapow terminology on inhaling up near o TK @ma Melaka used car surfing a Yahoo salad bowl sprinkle turkey because acting next is fennel seeds yummy soft.

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Gaddafi and armpits a chest cured circular motion main message kitchen luck Matthys Se minute doc agar op de Lado bar massage Katia or egg magnetic regularly art hai toh make breast size exceed capsize that Berjaya – hey thing stank aac aba honey Chile which as angrily Sophie in may say up Dorothy in remedies at least with a canoes Archon Sakti Hinske sake hain agar take mera EVGAchilaka- like key button / click on Ahmad Juliaerotic health or beauty related home remedies Jean Nicolet up mera channel Bplastic surgeon and I’m founder of the Lucas Centre for plastic surgery in Knoxville TennesseeI’m bringing a case to you as demonstrative of something that many women face the lady that I am introducing to you is a mids female it’s about five three height she’s had, one child and since her pregnancies you’ve been unhappy with her breast shape and falling we want to provide a very customized natural-appearing breast our goal for this particular rejuvenation procedure is to not only add volume with an implant we’re going to also add volume and shaping by utilizing fat grafting fat grafting is a wonderful.

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Africa we are working with Commonwealth Development Corporation where we have formed a JV to expand this further in few selected cities in East Africa as well as we see number of opportunities in India apart from the centers where we are looking at opportunity to expand probably in areas like Punjab and northeastern part of India where there is a significant need so you will not of course be stationed in Bangalore you’ve got plans to reach out to the northern part of the country very soon how soon can we expectant.

Target that you can share Dentist marketing services with us pardon any targets that you can share with us I present I do not like to comment on the front it said I am an oncologist so when I was practicing in looked at the scenario in and the great unmet demand in the need I said traveled across India and before i started bangle institute of oncology realized the you know the type of lack of technology we had poor outcomes in cancer and also understanding was different so seeing what was happening in advanced countries I felt it is important to start in the private set up first to understand you know what are the needs of the patients here in Indication.

we started with the Bangalore Institute of oncology in subsequently over the next years understood a lot about the nuances of how cancer Marketing company for dentist care can be done in India how we can most important thing is to provide the right treatment as the right time and how technology and knowledge is going to play a part so the vision was very clear-to make cancer care accessible and also in obviously.

It has to be affordable and also bring in the technology so we get good outcome which was the most important thing so that is why in may or moved back to India to set up the entire enterprise and looking back you know in a very short period of time from two thousand four five when restarted the first center of excellence in ban-galore to today we are having nearly you know soon to have about twenty six centers I think we are made remarkable.

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Hair and it’s important no African-American hair types are much different than Caucasian in the experience of the technicians doctor it’s very important it changed her life and she’s and she’s happy to talk about it has her own YouTube channel cost of hair transplant everything and there’s a gentleman who’s got a pretty good result so I I have friend actually recently had what Could not tell if anybody look like before so I know what good can be chichis why it’s so infuriating when I seabed so we wanted to know.

what really is going on in these hair restoration scams so Elizabeth Lanie bravely would undercover with one woman who is losing your hair to find out what’s gonna happen next will shock you stick around next what really goes on inside these hair restoration clips look at yourself from being scammed today we’re revealing what’s really going on inside popular hair restoration clinics are some of them duping you and trying to steal your money investigative correspondent Lanie went undercover to find out and whose hair is thinning in the front has considered hair replacement so she agreed to go undercover with us.

I would love to get Hair Transplant Denver my hair back the way it used to be here no but I’m not sure here more surgery is safe or effective we did our homework reading online reviews about multiple hair restoration clinics then we got suited up with hidden camera gear and went for a visit to a well-known clinic right away a surprise and it’s amazing I’m not a physician the person who met with us initially wasn’t a doctor even though hair restoration is medical procedure that made us wonder who would be doing the actual operation in numerous.

Reviews of multiple clinics patients report crucial parts of hair restoration procedures being done by non medical staffers instead of doctors and the doctors do the actual work you have technicians that work with the doctor it’s like heart surgery but they do all we do day in and day out is under the microscope separating grafts why I want them huh yeah but online reviewers complained that some technicians are fearless skilled than others leaving patients with erratic results is there chance of side effects or risks or injuries of some sort.

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You cornerstone dental arts and I’ve been here since June of going on years I’m born and bred here in Knoxville Tennessee and went to Childbearing school UT and came back here and started practicing in June of cornerstone dental arts were started in by four original founders McKinney Danny Anderson bill Morgan and federal one they started they met together for two years to create the concept that is cornerstone it was more of a comprehensive probably a holistic approach i would say incompatibility of materials different techniques and technologies that weren’t mainstream dentistry at the time one of the things.

we do at cornerstone cornerstone dentist as we look at materials that we put into the body and it’s traditionally been incompatibility but basically it’s materials that aren’t toxic to the body and so we’re looking at materials that when we put into the body and once they’re set that they’re inert that they don’t change there’s a lot of discussion and fear sometimes by the public that mercury fillings become toxic the reality is is we don’t know for sure ho wit affects each individual but we do know that mercury for example is toxic and so the last place we want to put iris in the mouth and so we’re looking for other materials ceramics composite materials.

there are certain metals that we can certainly use in the mouth that are not causing systemic disease or systemic issue to the patient grange dental clinic dentistry’s evolving very rapidly and technology’s it sort of like you can imagine your own home computer you buy it in about six months it’s obsolete dental technology is not too dissimilar so we-have to stay on the cutting edge of technology we have an in-office CT machine so instead of going to the hospital we have it’s called cone beam Ct here we also have the CRUX were Crack system and that it allows us to fabricate crowns and different restorations for teeth in one office visit it allows us and it’s all.

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That’s great right there so the reason why is because kids are doing this and yeah and this all day long so the nice thing with this again is you’re you’re undoing that and go ahead and try to keep those looks loose in their honors you want to see the arms where you thought together together together together and keep going after in an old and you end looser so two held that for like eight seconds or so so what does that have to do it your neck and hazards neck because as you bring these forward you’re shortening your your scaling muscles and just sort of quite a mastoid muscle so I bring that backwards actually.

opening up that pathway and that does it could could or buy some relief to your neck another these one just come across like this and this is more to do a shoulder blade but part of your shoulder blade is that your Mainers gap the muscle that goes into your cervical spine and comes back up and did that shoulder blade so that’s really good on also if you’ve got friend you can have a friend helped outwith this one just bring looking like backside that’s my better side but I got the front there and then you can also do this with the other way go ahead and if you’re on our website click go to stretches and click on we have a little video minor how to approximate teleprinter but since photos is here the way to do that it’s just going to be have good pressure.

back leg lip service countermeasure that one also oh and that’s really good coming across the top of the chest maybe you would have it left next issue but anytime you’re doing stuff forward like this was part of me shortening up that neck path lasciviously Chiropractors longmont opening your chest will be by process help your neck after your thing coming back not necessarily great stretch but go ahead is for a reason if you’ve got a foam roller and you seen our foam roller video you’re a big fan taking this across your back go ahead and come overhear aggressive quickly and we the formalist on the back get up into the small of the neck and it feels really good right there that guy just a little bit of weight there is really good for stretching your neck off so thanks generous today first of exercise would be my helper and we’ll catch you guys next time thanks Facebook.

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counterinsurgencies the way to lose weight but outpatient is simply done through lifestyle change and has been very motivated and is now very stable ever waiting but event this young age that much of a change causes significant damage essentially from a head to toe in terms of changes within the body and its tissues so preparation and in big recovery recovery’s very significant afterwards and there’s always a chance to we have wound problems or some other complications and while it’s extremely rare to have hospitalization or other issues minor complications that take time to heal cane something that we’ll see but slide the fact that this is definitely Zealand it’s serious the transformations are incredible and this can be a major major life-changing event in fact we’ve got many patients that we’ve gotten to know quite well and some of you are watching now and have even.

sent questions and comments into us today and we really enjoy that yes don’t try this at home and we’re going inside the body so definitely Denver plastic Surgery your discretion is it will get these blood vessels that need to be stopped and here’s one of they can actually see I’ll use the electric cattery unit it will help shut down or cauterize the vessel I’ve cauterized a couple vessels here here’s when we just cauterize and that-really sets it down but it’s decent-sized vessel and it’s important that we find all these to stop the bleeding we’ve done a good.

part of our time a tech where we’ve raised up this-tissue all the way up to the rib cage got around and preserve the belly but I’ve tightened the muscle Plastic Surgery Denver wall here in the middle and now I’m going to continue that shaping remove a little extra tissue to connect around to the back-where we’ve done the body lift on tieback over here on the side you’ve got that outer thigh lifted we’re going to continue in lift lift all the way around towards the front to complete the toilet we’re going to cut the extra skin up this is the biggest part of the operation she’s looking forward to it’ll be about here underneath we have all the work that we’ve done-I’m showing.

The lower abdominal skin area and the flap that we’re cutting off this area above the blue line is the superficial fat the deep fat is below this and I do the extra work here to-remove the deep fat up into the flap that.


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